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The fever for gold has started. Rumors had been spreaded about a hidden great fortune that appeared somewhere in Gensokyo. It's a legend from a faraway place, El Dorado, and with it weird creatures and youkai never-seen before had appeared. And so it begins our girls' search for this legendary treasure!

Golden and Burning Curse is a Touhou fangame made by ZeaMays Circle, a group of latin american Touhou fans. It's a danmaku (or better know in the west as a bullet hell or shoot'em up) where you fight your way through curtains of bullets. Our game is planned to follow the typical Touhou formula: 6 stages with 6 bosses, an extra stage with a special boss fight, 4 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard and Lunatic), multiple characters with 2 possible shot types and a replay system.

The following demo is a technical and very early version of the game, so don't expect entertaining and creative patterns for the moment. We'll be updating the demo in the following days tho, so follow the game if you like it so far :).

This alpha demo contains the following features:

  • A playable character: Reimu Hakurei.
  • A scoring system.
  • Bombing, power, items, grazing.
  • A special gimmick: Coin collection and a graze related bar that makes you auto collect items (similar to SA). 'C' special.
  • A test stage along with a test mini boss.
  • Pause menu.
  • Music and SFX.
  • Deathbombing.


Some info about our mechanics and scoring system:

  • Power items increase your shot power. Every round number you achieve, upgrades your shot giving you an additional familiar.
  • You can auto-collect all items in the screen by reaching the POC (point of collection) which is located at the top of the screen.
  • You get points by picking items. The items that give you the most points are the blue ones. Blue items give you score relative to your position. If you pick them at the POC, you get the entire point value as score. If you pick them at the bottom of the stage you get much less. Power items and coins give you the same amount always.
  • Grazing increases your score until certain point per stage. This is to avoid players abusing de grazing mechanic by just grazing a pattern until the time runs out. Grazing also increases your auto-collection bar (the one at the bottom left). This bar allows you to auto-collect all items in the screen whenever it is filled. When auto-collecting, blue items give you as much as if you picked them at the POC. For the moment this mechanic is most noticeable in Lunatic mode. In the future it is planned to make the required graze lower depending on the difficulty.
  • You use your bomb pressing 'X'. Bombing makes you invulnerable for the duration, makes your character use a spellcard that deals considerable damage to enemies and clears bullets around the player. This consumes a bomb, you get 3 bombs everytime you die. Bombing doesn't give you points in any way and is counterproducive when playing for score.
  • Coins are a special item specific to this game. They give you some score and increases your coin count (located at the bottom left). These items are the main way of getting resources in the game. Every 70 coins give you a bomb pieces, 100 coins give you a life piece, 250 gives you an entire bomb and 500 an entire life extend. You can also clean all bullets around you at the cost of 50 coins using the button 'C'. Using this bullet cleaner takes you away from getting more resources so use it wisely. There's also a short cooldown for this special seen below the counter. Numbers may vary in future versions

Programmer and Game Developer: Jasqui

Graphic designers: Nes and Aesthedra Kudurdu

Story maker and Writer: Palantire

Music composer: Ambovombe

Sound effects: Jasqui. Special thanks to Chinatsu for contributing with some SFX.

English writer and Translator: Jasqui

Special thanks to Mutsurinni-san for translating our japanese disclaimer in the game.


Touhougabc0.01demo.rar 56 MB


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